Tutorials on how to use mesh heads / bodies

  • Back that BOM Up: Part 1 in my series explaining Bakes on Mesh. This details some of the basic things you may need to understand how BOM works.
  • Keep Calm and Bakes On (Mesh): Part 2 in my series explaining Bakes on Mesh, this tells you how to use BOM and how it works.
  • WTF IS HD???: I explain what “HD” or “High Definition” appliers are and why they are different from standard appliers.
  • Youtube Playlist of Lelutka Evolution Tutorials: I found tutorials from how to put together you avatar from scratch, how to use the heads and how to use bakes on mesh with Lelutka.
  • Evo X…treamly confusing: Learn how to use the new Evo X head Extreme Mode so your head looks normal again!

Other tutorials:

Also, check out my page that lists links to other helpful tutorials by some awesome people