General Info

How to Contact Me:
Before contacting me please make sure your concern is not already addressed below. If these cannot help you, use the Contact form here. If you prefer to contact me in world you can drop me a note card.

Event Coordinators:
I receive many event invitations. I try to look at each and respond if I can, but this isn’t always possible. Thank you for your understanding.


  • RETURNS/REFUNDS: There are no returns/exchanges. Refunds will not be given for accidental purchases or not liking the product after purchase. Always try a demo before purchase. Demos will always be available for makeup and eye appliers/layers. If, however, there is an issue or error with your product which I am unable to fix I will consider refunds/store credit on a case-by-case basis. Fortunately I’ve never had something I couldn’t solve.
  • DOUBLE PURCHASES: For in world purchases the vendor system usually catches any attempts to buy an item you already own and automatically refunds you. In the event a double purchase gets past the system a refund for the duplicate item will be given.
  • DEMOS: Appliers will look different depending on the body/head and shape being used, so always try a demo first, please do not assume that a product will look the same as the ad. I do my best to make them as similar as possible, but it’s impossible for them to match exactly. Again, always try a demo first. No refunds will be given for incorrect purchases.

These pages include info on specific products:


One of my items appears to be broken or missing. What should I do?
Contact me detailing what you purchased and the nature of your problem.

Do you do custom work?
Due to lack of time I cannot take custom orders, but I am always open to suggestions and willing to consider collaboration with other creators. I have a pinterest page where you can submit photos for ideas.

Where can I suggest an item I would like to see you make?
Looking to suggest an idea for something you want to see in the store? We have an open Pinterest board here that you can add photos to as suggestions!

I purchased an item but I never received it.
First, try getting a redelivery at the in world store. If you still don’t receive the item and several minutes have passed, or redelivery isn’t recognizing your purchase, please Contact me.

I keep paying your vendor but it just refunds me. What gives?
The vendor is set to refund a customer if they have already purchased an item. Please do an inventory search to check. If you don’t see it or need it redelivered please use the redelivery terminal at the front desk. If  you’re receiving some other kind of error message, please let me know.

I want to use my store credits but I can’t figure out how
To use your store credits right click (not left) on the vendor and go to “menu” then choose “Buy” and then “Store Credit” (not gift card). You will get an overview of the item’s price and your credits, and be asked to confirm in order to complete the purchase. You can also use “view balance” to see how many credits you currently have.
* * Your store credit balance and gift card balance are two different totals. Only gift cards will fill up your gift card credits. Store credit is filled by making purchases.
Please note that although MOST items at the main store accept store credits, in order to prevent misuse, some items do not.

How do I use my gift card?
1) Find the card in your inventory and right click -> Add. The card will appear on your screen.
2) A menu will pop up asking if you wish to use the card. Click “Use Card” to apply the balance to your gift card credit. Once applied the card itself will no longer be usable and can be deleted. Another menu will appear asking you to confirm, click “Yes”
3) RIGHT click the vendor for item you wish to purchase
4) Click “Buy” and then “Gift Card”. The product’s cost will be subtracted from your gift card credit balance.
You can check your balance anytime by clicking on a vendor which supports gift card credit as payment and selecting “View Balance”.
* * Your store credit balance and gift card balance are two different totals. Only gift cards will fill up your gift card credits. Store credit is filled by making purchases.
Please note that although MOST items at the main store accept gift cards some items do not. Certain special deals and products at events may not accept gift cards.

I don’t understand how to use mesh bodies and/or heads and I’m totally confused and overwhelmed!
Check out this helpful video to learn the basics of using a mesh body and head. I highly suggest joining the Mesh Body addicts group in world group, or the group specific for your head/body if they have one. I also have a list of body/head specific tutorials here

Where can I get more information specific to the mesh head/body I am using?
Try the website for your mesh, they usually have helpful information. Here are some of the most popular:

I am trying to use BOM but I am really confused, how does it work?
I have two blog posts about BOM, Back that BOM Up and Keep Calm and Bakes on Mesh

Where can I find mesh heads, bodies, makeup, eyes, skins, brows, etc?
I have a little list here to get your started!

If none of these seem to resolve your issue, Contact me and detail your issue. On some occasions SL is just finicky or the scripts break and you may need a new HUD sent over.