FAQ – Lelutka Evolution

I can’t get HD makeup appliers to work!

Lelutka HD makeup works ONLY on the new Evolution line of heads (including Erin, Nova, Lake, Fleur, Ryn, Nuri, Lilly, Skyler, Connor, Alain, etc.). If you are sure have an Evolution head and HD appliers still do not appear to be working, verify that the blend slider for that layer is all the way to the right. If the blend slider is all the way to the left it will make that layer invisible.

Omega appliers are not working on my Evolution head!

Omega appliers, besides eye appliers, do not work on Evolution heads. Makeup and brows use HD, which is not compatible with Omega, and other areas such as hairbase, blush, tattoo, beauty marks, and other non-HD items can only be used with BOM. You can read about BOM here.

I can’t get HD brows to work on my Evolution head!

HD brows were added to Evolution version 2.5 heads. You must have the 2.5 update or higher in order to use HD brows. You can get a redelivery at the main store, or check your head folder for an update package. Lelutka also recently added a redelivery HUD which you can get for free at the main store. It allows you to get a redelivery of any purchases without having to go to the store.

How do I know if my Lelutka mesh head is an Evolution head?

The Evolution line of heads includes heads such as Erin, Lake, Nova, Nuri, Ryn, Lilly, Skyler, Connor and Alain. Only Evolution heads have HD applier layers, so if your HUD has an HD button it is an Evolution head.

How do I wear an HD eyeshadow and HD eyeliner at the same time?

Lelutka Evolution heads version 2.5 and higher support two HD eyeshadow layers. In your head HUD open the HD eyeshadow menu. Near the top look for “Layer 01” and “layer 02”. Layer 01 is the bottom HD eyeshadow layer, Layer 02 is the top. By clicking on a layer you can choose to apply to that layer. When you have a layer selected any eyeshadow applier you choose will change that layer only. So, for example, if you want an eyeshadow and eyeliner on at the same time you would apply the eyeshadow to Layer 01 and the eyeliner to Layer 02. This would put the liner on top of the eyeshadow.

How can I use BOM eyeshadow and HD eyeliner together?

First, you need BOM enabled and set up on your head. You can ready about BOM here. Next, add the BOM eyeshadow you want to wear and apply the HD eyeliner to Layer 01 or Layer 02. You will need to clear the layer that does not have the eyeliner on it, otherwise this will hide the BOM eyeshadow. Whatever you wear as BOM will always be layered under your appliers.