If you would like to hear about upcoming openings for bloggers please join our non-group subscriber in world or subscribe to our Flick’r.

We are currently seeking bloggers with an emphasis on covering appliers. This means closer, clear, beauty shots that showcase nails, lipstick, eye shadow, lashes, eyes, etc.

What we are looking for in a blogger:

  • Nice photos with clear shots of the products being featured.
  • Consistent posting. We will look for activity on your blog, preferably at least 2 posts a week, but the more the better.
  • Informative posts with details on the products such as when and where to buy them.
  • A Flick’r presence and regular posting in plenty of groups.


  • We use the Blogotex system, which allows you to choose items to receive and requires blogging an item in order to receive more items. The amount of products you get for review will depend on how active you are in posting. You will also be required to blog the items you take within 45 days (but preferably sooner, of course) or they will expire.
  • If accepted, you would be required to post about Cazimi items at least 4x a month. Failure to meet this deadline on a regular basis will result in removal. When blogging new items that are event exclusives please post within 1 week of the event opening.
  • Your blog must have a Flick’r account and add your pictures to the Cazimi Flick’r group. Make sure to tag the photo with “Cazimi” and please follow the Cazimi Flick’r account.
  • SLURL and product info for CAZIMI items must be in your blog post. Your Flick’r post must have a link to your blog, or links and info about the product in the post, or both. Products for events should include event info such as event name, dates, and SLURL.
  • Because most of our products are appliers for mesh body parts, your avatar must use a full mesh body and you must have at least one of the supported bodies and heads: Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Catwa, Lelutka or an Omega installed mesh.
  • Clear pictures, the products you blog for must be visible. Cazimi products focus on makeup and accessories, which may not be easily seen in shots which are taken zoomed out, so please take this in to consideration. For example, if you are blogging a set of nails you will need to find a way to ensure the nails are easily visible in your photo. We like to see closeup shots of the face/hands as this will show the items in detail.
  • Add CAZIMI to your list of sponsors on your blog, with a SLURL link to the main store.

We also have a monthly Blogger of the Month. The winner must have at least 4 posts in the month and will be given a $1,000L prize plus a place on the Blogger wall in the main store.

Interested? Please visit the main store and click on the Blogotex Access Point to apply. we take our time to carefully consider each application. If we are full on bloggers we may leave your application in review in case a spot opens up, thank you for your patience.

With all that said, I greatly appreciate the time and effort of dedicated bloggers and look forward to working with you all. Thank you for your interest in blogging for us!