FAQ – Mesh Nails

* For step by step instructions please go here

Will you make [insert your favorite nail shape/length here], too?
I would love to make more shapes in the future. At this time I cannot commit to making a specific shape or length, but when new ones are available they will be announced.

Are your mesh nails Omega compatible?
No, my mesh nails use a different UV than Omega. That’s a fancy way of saying they don’t work together. I made the decision to use a custom UV in order to have better texture quality. This allows me to make a greater variety of designs that will look perfect on the nails, rather than the design being distorted to fit a variety of nail shapes and lengths. I do include coordinating Omega appliers mainly so that customers can have matching toe nails, however these usually only include solid or simple colors to match the mesh nails.

I don’t see any change when I click on the gloss buttons. It looks the same to me.
Make sure you have on atmospheric shaders and advanced lighting in your graphics preferences. You will also get a better gloss effect when there is a prim lighting source nearby. This creates light to bounce off the nail. Your nail gloss will look different depending on the graphics and lighting of who is viewing them.

OK so I did all that, but when I choose the “matte” gloss I still see highlights on the nails. What gives?
It’s important to note there is a difference between what you see as the base texture versus what you see as materials. The base texture is what you change in the nail buttons on the HUD. It changes the color and design. Materials changes the way light interacts with the mesh. If the nails on the HUD look glossy that is the base texture, not the materials. When the nail base texture has a shine effect it will not go away when materials are changed. This shine effect does not change with your lighting. I do this to mimic the look of certain polish types that may be glossy, pearlescent, glittery, etc. Also, not everyone walks around with their settings high enough to see materials, so a textured gloss keeps the nails looking glossy no matter the person’s settings. The gloss materials option gives you extra control to add more light-interactive gloss using materials if you want it there.