CAZIMI Mesh Nails Instructions

CAZIMI’s mesh nails are our own creation and are designed to replace the mesh finger nails that come with your mesh body.

Step 1: Purchase the “Base Mesh Nails” either at the main store or on the Marketplace

Step 2: Purchase any additional color packs you want to use from the “Mesh Nails” section of the store.

Step 3: Unpack your purchases

Step 4: In the “Base Mesh Nails” folder wear the mesh nails for your body. The letters “L” and “R” refer to which hand(s) will have nails so that you can have the mesh nails on only one hand or on both.

Step 5: Hide the nails included with your mesh body. You only need to hide the nails on the hands. Each body does this slightly differently, but usually there is a nails section in the body HUD where you can turn the nails on the hands off. If you’re unable to find where to hide the body’s nails please check with your body creator’s instructions or their CSR.

Step 6: Use any of your CAZIMI mesh nails HUDS to change the polish on the CAZIMI mesh nails.

Step 7: Use the Omega or Maitreya appliers to apply a coordinating* polish to your toes on your mesh body, if you desire.

*PLEASE NOTE: coordinating appliers may not have designs on them. They are typically in matching solid or ombre. This is for two reasons. First, applier nails distort the texture, which can ruin the look of detailed nail art. Secondly, I find that detailed designs on the toe area tend to look strange when squished into such a small space. Conversely, solids and ombres look lovely 🙂

CAZIMI Mesh Nails HUD Guide:

Omega & Maitreya Appliers

Your CAZIMI mesh nails also come with coordinating appliers for Omega & Maitreya. You can use these to apply to your toes for a matching manicure, if using Maitreya or an Omega nails compatible body.

At this time we cannot create Legacy nail appliers as they have yet to release a nail kit for creators.

Please keep in mind that most appliers come in solids only and do not have more complex designs on them like the mesh nails do. This is because the mesh nails that are on bodies usually must stretch in order to fit a variety of nail shapes and sizes which will distort complicated nail art designs and ruin them. My own mesh nails do not distort, which allows for more elaborate designs.