FAQ – Appliers

I purchased one of your appliers but it doesn’t seem to work, what’s wrong?
There are a few things that may cause this problem. The most common are:

  1. You don’t have one of the compliant mesh items. The applier you are using must work for the mesh you want to apply it to, either the original mesh (Such as Belleza, Maitreya or Slink) OR have Omega installed/use an Omega relay. For example, if you use a Catwa head you need a Catwa applier. A Lelutka head needs a Lelutka applier, etc. The exception to this is Omega, their appliers support multiple meshes. Check out their website to see what meshes are supported and how to use their appliers.
  2. For makeup, tattoos, clothing layers, brows and other items which apply OVER the base layer of a mesh, check to make sure that you do not have that layer disabled through the HUD. For example, if attempting to apply eyebrows to your Catwa head check your Catwa HUD and ensure the transparency of your brows. If you don’t understand what this means, check the instructions for your item on how to enable/disable applier layers.
  3. You need to update your mesh. If you don’t have the latest update the applier may not work. If it’s been a while since you updated stop by your vendor to get an update.
  4. You are in a location in which scripts are disabled. Up at the top of your screen near where the name of your location is displayed look for a small icon similar to a piece of paper, with a red circle and a slash through it. If you see this it means no scripts will work where you are (unless you happen to the in the land group which gives you permission). TP to a sandbox and try again.

Which meshes can I use your appliers on?
We do our best to support as many of the most popular meshes as possible. Always check the product information to see what meshes are supported and try a demo.

Where can I find nail appliers for men’s bodies?
All nail appliers will work for both the male and female version of the supported body types.

What is an HD applier?
I’ve got a blog post for that, here.

What is Bakes on Mesh (BoM)?
I have two blog posts to help you: Back that BOM Up explains some of the basic terminology to help you understand BOM, and Keep Calm and Bakes on Mesh explains more about how BOM works, benefits and downfalls and how to use it.

Where can I get more information specific to the mesh head/body I am using?
Try the website for your mesh, they usually have helpful information. Here are some of the most popular:

What if I need appliers for a body/head that you don’t include in your items?
Omega works with a wide range of meshes. Check out their website to see what meshes are supported and how to use their appliers.

Where can I find skins, brows, hairbases, shapes, eyes, heads, bodies, etc?
I have a list of stores to get your started, right here!