If you purchased an item and did not receive it please use the redelivery terminal at the main store BEFORE contacting to request a redelivery.

If a vendor is refunding please check your inventory. You likely already own that item.

HD applier not working? Please read the notecard included with your product. Ensure you are using the correct head AND version of the head.

Looking to suggest an idea for something you want to see in the store? We have an open Pinterest board here that you can add photos to as suggestions!

Is your question regarding how to use your mesh body/head or the Omega system? Please check the information on your specific mesh:

PLEASE GIVE YOUR RESIDENT NAME IN THE FORM BELOW. This is the name you use to log in with, *NOT* your display name. I cannot find you with your display name and I won’t be able to contact you back, so be 100% sure you’re giving the correct name.