Keep Calm and Bakes On (Mesh)


Yeah, you might look like a hot mess at first. It’s ok, that’s “normal” :-p

Take a deep breath, it’s ok. You will make it through Bakes on Mesh (BoM) with all your parts intact.

Now that BoM is here and the two big viewers (SL and Firestorm) support it many of the mesh groups have been flooded with questions about how to use it. There is a lot of confusion out there, so I thought I would put out a post to address some of the key questions and point to some helpful info. This will not be a complete tutorial on how to use every mesh body/head out there (that would be pretty near impossible) but it should at least get you started.


I have since created another page to explain some of the terms I use below, and how they relate to BOM, so if you don’t understand what exactly I mean when I things like “applier” and “system layer” try reading this first.

Thanks to Sтocĸιɴɢ (aeromia) for the BoM links she sent me in world to help get this blog started. ♥

So what the heck is Bakes on Mesh? For a full explanation and details check out the Knowledge Base page on BoM.

For the easy explanation, it basically lets you use the old system layers that were around before mesh, but on your mesh. It takes all those textures, combines them, and then applies them as one texture.

Some of the main benefits that users may see when using BoM are:

  • Things like tattoos will no longer alpha glitch with other transparent textures that are sitting over them.
  • Plenty of layers to pile on so you can have tattoos, makeup, freckles, etc. all on at the same time without worry over if there is a layer for them on your mesh.
  • You can use clothing specific alpha layers (for those stores that have supplied them) instead of relying on the alpha cuts in your body’s HUD.
  • You can use your old skins, tattoos, makeups, etc*

*Before you go breaking out the vintage skins and get your hopes up… just keep in mind older products were not made for mesh. The texture quality may not be great and may not align properly on your mesh. The hands and feet can look particularly off. Some creators have released tintable texture overlays to try to fix this, which can help, but a new skin made for your particular mesh head and body will have the best fit. See below for MP links.

And for the downfalls:

  • Many skin creators have not been releasing system layer skins, so many of the newer skins will still need to use appliers until skin makers ‘catch up’ (UPDATE: This isn’t so much an issue anymore, most major skin stores have been releasing new skins with system layers for a while now, so happy shapping!)
  • You can only use BoM with a system skin, so if you don’t have one you like you will  have to wait until you can get one.
  • BoM does not support materials at this time. It’s unclear if it ever will. You can still use materials on your body/head, they just won’t update according to whatever tattoo, clothing layer, etc. you are using with BOM.
  • You cannot change the opacity of anything you wear with BoM, like you currently can with applied makeups on heads.
  • Anyone not on the latest BoM viewer will see your avatar differently, and it wont be pretty. Most people have updated by now, however, so don’t let that discourage you!

You will still need appliers for certain items such as nails and lashes which have no coordinating system equivalent. Keep using your nail/lash appliers as usual.

So what do I need in order to use BoM?

  1. A BoM supported viewer such as the latest version of the Linden Labs viewer or Firestorm.
  2. A BoM supported head/body such as Lelutka, Catwa and Maitreya. Check if your meshes currently support BoM.
  3. Some meshes currently require a relay to work, such as Catwa and Maitreya (UPDATE: both have since updated to include BOM in the regular HUD). It will still work the same. (links to some below)
  4. A system skin. Preferably one a new one that is made for your head.

OK, I have all that but how do I use it?

Each mesh is a bit different, but the basic steps are as follows:

  1. Wear the system skin you want to use.
  2. Wear your BoM supported mesh head and body
  3. Click the “Bakes on Mesh” button in your body/head’s HUD or on the BoM relay.
  5. Remove your body/head alpha and wait a few seconds for the system to work. (Alpha layers are a system layer, and will transfer to your head/body if you’re still wearing them which will make you invisible or give you a texture error while in BoM mode. Don’t worry about hiding your system body/head, that will happen automatically when BoM loads up.)
  6. You should now see your system skin showing on your mesh.
  7. You can add other system layers like tattoos and makeup and they will appear over the skin.
  • If you are seeing a double head or body that means BOM is not enabled in that area. Check your HUD and try again. Do not put your alpha back on.
  • If you have everything working but the head is still gray, featureless, or looks outdated and not the skin you’re trying to wear be sure to check if your skin layer is for both head and body. Some skin creators put them out separately, so you may need to wear a skin or tattoo for your body AND a tattoo for your head.
  • If you are using Lelutka Evolution (has a black HUD) the head comes with BoM already enabled, and includes head skins and brows in tattoo layers. There are no skins/brows in the HUD. You will need to wear the included skin and brows, or another BoM skin. I do not suggest using Lelutka Evolution outside of BoM mode because the head does not have applier layers for hairbases, tattoos, blush, freckles, etc. You will need to use BOM blushes, brows, hairbases, freckles, etc. which can only be used while BoM is enabled. If you opt for an applier skin on an Evolution head you cannot use anything but skin, eye, lash, and HD makeup appliers.

OK I got it working… but I hate it. How do I get rid of it?

Easy! Find your applier skin you want to change back to and apply it. This will bring you back to using an applier skin and out of BOM. Make sure to add your alphas back on and you should be back to usual.

That’s the basics for now. Play around with your meshes and different options to get the hang of things. Want more info? Check out the links below. Hope this has helped you!

CAZIMI has been including system layers in our products for a while now. Look on the ad for it to say “system” or “BOM”. PLEASE always demo to be sure the BOM layer looks the way you want on your particular head. All heads have some variation in how the UV fits, which makes textures look slightly different depending what head you’re wearing, so always demo or you may find you purchase something that doesn’t look the way you expected.

I am updating the below links as I find more items so feel free to check back for new resources 🙂

Resource Links

BOM Fixes:

Relay HUDs:

Misc BoM Info:

Handy Videos: