Evo X Updates

As many of you may have heard by now, the three new Lelutka heads at Skin Fair (Avalon, Briannon and Ceylon) are a new branch of the Evolution line of heads called Evo X. Evo X heads can use the standard UV which previous heads have used, but they also have the option to switch to Extreme mode. This mode uses a custom UV that allows for BOM layers with more detail than the standard UV, which means skins, makeups, brows, etc. in higher detail! Extreme also uses a custom ear UV which means HD ears!

I’ve released the Zealous lipsticks for Evo X, and I’ve done an update on a handful of other items to include BOM layers made for EVO X so that those of you using an Evo X head in Extreme mode have some makeups to use with them. I also have more Evo X items in the works which will be released soon, so stay tuned!

I won’t be updating all products to include Evo X BOM layers, mainly because it is very time consuming and would take months, but I’ll try to update some of the more popular items. If you have previously purchased that item you should have received an update, but if not just get one through the redelivery terminal at the main store.

Please, please, please ALWAYS try a demo, read the NCs included with the demo and be sure you are able to use an item before purchasing. No refunds will be given for anyone purchasing the product and later realizing they don’t have the right mesh head. I do my best to clearly label everything and provide demos. I can’t stop someone from buying the wrong thing, so demo, demo, demo and be sure before you buy.

Below are the items I have updated so far: