August VIP Gift


New VIP gift for August, Rezz Day Cake! Bento holdable (as shown in photo) and rezzable decor version. Includes 8 cake colors, 6 frostings, 6 plates, 6 candles, 2 types of berries and 2 types of chocolate strips.

This month VIPs get an extra 250L credit! Touch the credit terminal in the VIP area. If you were having trouble getting your extra 250L credits yesterday please try again, I’ve fixed it!

VIP members get a monthly free gift and 5% cash back on in store purchases. 250L to join (125L during Rezz Day sale, all weekend!). Click the sign at the main store to join.

The Rezz Day Sale is still going! 50% off the store, half price VIP group and daily random prizes!