Summer Sale Day 2!


New complete makeup set released today in store. Like everything else during the sale it is 50% off, so now is the time to snag it! Includes 5 sultry eye shadows, 5 rich lipsticks and six deep nail shades. You can find it near the store entry. Take a left and it’s tucked in the corner near the windows.GlitzNudiesAd_1X1

Also now available in store a new gift for TeleportHud group members. Their group provides the latest news about Second Life Freebies, Group Gifts, Sales, Promotions, Events, and Hunts to new and current Second Life residents. Join the group and touch the TeleportHub panel in the Deals & Freebies section to receive your gift.

While you’re there, check out our sales section for these special deals:

The First Day of Summer Sale ends Sunday at midnight!

50% off everything in the store
50% off VIP group join fee
Raffle for a $500L gift card (click the sign near the door)
Extra savings on select items (see the “Sales” section)

Don’t forget to enter the raffle! The winner will receive a 500L gift card!