August VIP Gift & Blogger of the Month

August VIP Gift

My first highlighter and it’s just for my VIPs! Highlights the upper cheek area and comes in 8 colors each with 3 opacities. BOM layers for Standard UV and EvoX.

VIP members receive 5% cash back on regular in store purchases plus a monthly gift! 250L to join and there are now over 4 years of gifties available! Join by clicking the sign in store, in the VIP garden. Be sure to wear your group tag to click on the available gifts.

Blogger of the Month

Blogger of the month for posts in July of 2022 is…

KattyCiTa Franizzi! Thank you!

Check her out:


Bunny Hop Hunt 2!


It’s Bunny Hop Hunt time! We have 8 brand new, fun spring items for you all. Please try a demo at the main store, in the “Events” section. All items are only 25L!

April 1-14 at 12pm slt / noon

Early Access for members of the TR Events Group
TODAY March 31 at 12pm slt / noon
Group: secondlife:///app/group/df8aa1a5-fdc8-93d5-e25b-764d3353bbb9/about


Hunt Key Gallery
Hunt Object Gallery

This year The Bunny Hop Hunt 2 features 70 participating stores that have hidden colored eggs all over the Monstera region for you to seek out! Each store has created 5-10, New & Exclusive prizes for you to find at 25L or less! Be sure to snatch the official note about our hunt inside group notices or at the landing area. Notecards with hunt keys & hunt object textures are provided, so you can sort out your plan of attack! This hunt is NOT for the faint at heart, it requires patience, camming skills and tissue boxes. It ain’t no cake walk! Your only clue is that these eggs are scattered all over the region! Look high & low, inside & out, around corners, throughout nooks and crannies!

Hunter Tip!
To reduce agent lag, Click World at the top of your viewer and place a check next to Show Friends Only. Every little bit helps, please slim down by detaching unnecessary HUDs, pets, poofers etc.