Weekend Sales

Three new jewelry items for this weekend’s sales. All items are unrigged and mod/copy to fit a variety of avatars.

Ganzabara Hairpins: Unrigged hairpins with 8 metal colors, 4 pearls and 20 gems. 75L

Anika Bindi and Nose Ring: Unrigged with 8 metal colors, 10 pearls and 30 stone colors. 55L

Zahra Bangles: Unrigged bangles with 4 metal styles each in 8 colors. 75L

Available at the main store

N21 & Weekend Sales

NEW at N21, Holographic Nails. Sold per applier type. Available for CAZIMI Base Mesh Nails (shown), Gen.X, Omega and Maitreya. Discounted fatpack available!

NEW for the weekend sales at the main store

Simple Bindi: Unrigged mesh bindi with tons of color options and customization. 75L this weekend for Saturday Sale.

Balm Lipstick: EvoX lipstick in 12 colors. 3 opacities included. 55L for Glorious Days

Weekend Sales

Elegant Nails: Updated with Gen.X appliers! 50L per applier type / matte or glossy for Saturday Sale.
Blizzard Eyes: NEW! 75L for Fly Buy Friday. BOM, Omega & Lelutka Evolution appliers. Two sizes, 12 colors.
Luna V2 Earrings: Recolored smooth metal version. Unrigged, original mesh. 8 metal colors. 55L

Come get them at the new store!

Weekend Sales & VIP Gift

NEW for this weekend’s sales!

Winter Eyes: 55L for Glorious Days. 12 colors, 2 sized. Includes BOM layers, Omega HUD and Lelutka Evolution HUD.

Holiday Nails: 75L for Saturday Sale. 10 colors, includes all appliers (CAZIMI, Gen.X, Omega & Maitreya)

NEW VIP gift available! Holdable candy cane with right and left hand, 10 colors. Be sure to wear your group tag!

VIP members receive 5% cash back on regular in store purchases plus a monthly gift! 250L to join and there are now over 4 years of gifties available! Join by clicking the sign in store, in the VIP garden. Be sure to wear your group tag to click on the available gifts.

All items are available at the old store and the new store

Candy Cane Weekend Sales

We’ve got a candy cane theme going this weekend. All items are brand new!

NAILS: Ten sweet designs. CAZIMI mesh nails polish HUD requires the 1L Base Mesh Nails. Also comes with Omega & Maitreya appliers. 75L all weekend for Saturday Sale

EARRINGS: Unrigged original mesh earrings. Mod and copy. 8 metals and 10 candy colors. 75L all weekend for Fly Buy Friday.

HAIRSTICKS: Unrigged original mesh hairsticks. Mod and copy. Includes single (shown) or double sticks. Ten candy colors. 55L all weekend for Glorious Days. Please join the Glorious Days group and wear your group tag to purchase. Available all weekend long!

All items are on sale at the main store all weekend long