Weekend Sales

It’s time for this weekend’s sales! I am sure many of you are busy with the holiday so I will leave them out on Monday as well, plenty of time to grab them!

Updated for this weekend’s sales!

Celeste Nails: Updated textures, now with gloss or matte! 75L per pack or 175 for all 30.

Taylor BOM Brows: Now including standard BOM layers along with EvoX BOM layers. 55L for Glorious Days.

Available at the main store

Weekend Sales: Lashes, contour, brows, oh my!

Flawless Contour: BOM Contour: NEW BOM ONLY for Standard UV and EvoX heads. Include 8 colors, 3 transparencies and 3 areas (chin, cheek and forehead). 75L for Saturday Sale this weekend. Please demo!

Starlet Lashes: 55L this weekend for Glorious Days, be sure to wear your group tag! Lash appliers for Omega and Lelutka Evo/X heads.

Phoenix Brows: BOM ONLY. For Standard and EvoX. Unisex brows in 8 colors including tintable white, with 3 add ons for customization: brow filler, under brow highlight and stray hairs. 75L this weekend for Fly Buy Friday.

Ashlyn Sweater – Essentials: 99L intro price. Cozy sweater for autumn and winter. Rigged for Freya, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya and Hourglass.

Manly Arena

New for Manly Arena! Sleepless EvoX BOM eyeshadow and Phoenix BOM Brows.

Sleepless comes with 8 layer options for a custom tired eyes look. Multiple opacities allow for a more subtle or dramatic look. BOM for EvoX heads only.

Phoenix BOM eyebrows come in the usual 8 natural colors plus extra options for customization. Brow filler, highlight and stray hairs can give a range of looks from manicured to messy. Includes layers for Standard BOM and EvoX heads.

75L Unisex EvoX BOM brows for Fly Buy Friday

New for Fly Buy Friday! Unisex BOM brows for Lelutka EvoX heads. Comes in 8 natural colors, including a tintable white. Optional add on layers customize your brows further. Brow filler adds fullness, highlighter gives lift just under the brow and stray hairs give a more natural, unplucked look. 75L all weekend at the main store for Fly Buy Friday!

Stary HD Brow Decals for Saturday Sale

New for Saturday Sale, Stary HD Brow Decals for Lelutka Evolution heads (2.5 update or higher). Just 75L all weekend at the main store! Decals only, no brows are included. These brow decals use the HD brow layer, so they cannot be worn at the same time as HD brows, but they look lovely over regular brows.